What is that big arena in Northeast?

If you’ve driven around Northeast some, you’ll note that there is a large barrel vaulted structure near Union Station that looks abandoned. It’s the Uline Arena also known as the Washington Coliseum. Fun fact, the arena was the first place the Beatles played in the US. Unfortunately in the 1980s malaise, the arena was closed and used so sundry purposes since. Now Douglas Development has plans to convert that into 200,000 sf of retail and office space – a boon to that part of town.

On renovation, the owners of the former Bardo’s in Arlington are reopening in Trinidad, DC and have a questions for the ladies. Would you use a squat toilet? For those who might not understand, squat toilets are porcelain lined holes in the floor where one squats on 2 mats and goes No 1 or 2. The benefits being that women would not sit on dirty toilet seats. I was undedecided until I saw this comment “Wouldn’t work for women wearing heels, flip flops,tights, leggings, pantyhose, long skirts/dresses, short tight skirts.”

Tucker Gallagher

Realtor, Stages Premier
Cell: 202-421-1585

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