January Real Estate Stats by Zip Code

Check on your Zip code and see how many homes are selling and what price increase / decrease there may be year on year, or month to month so be wary. According to DC Urbanturf, January 2013 prices have risen 10% over January 2012 prices. That run will hopefully continue until we have more inventory to sell. Check out the 30 latest developments in DC as well. Look at the new commercial building proposed for 14th & Rhode Island Ave.

Mt Vernon is also expecting a new set of townhomes down on 6th Street.

Would you live in an apartment with only one skylight? The Citadel Apartments above the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan will only have a skylight to the outside. I know space is a premium but did you really need 8 units without a window? It would seems very bunker like to me.

What do you think of the latest Developer differentiator: Pet Spas and outdoor pet walks….

The NPR building on North Capitol is on its way to completion.

Tucker Gallagher Realtor, Stages Premier

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