More on Restaurants in the hood

Congrats to Little Serow, the mysterious restaurant below Komi. You can’t make reservations and you have to wait 90 minutes for a table at times. But GQ has named it one of the best dining experiences of the year.

Coming to the new District building on 14th & S, a Southeast Asian Restaurant from the owners of Proof and Estadio. The new restaurant, called Doi Moi, which means new change in Vietnamese will have 5000 sft and bridge the old Whitman Walker building and the new District building. Teds Bulletin is due to go in on the 14th & Swann corner of the building.

I’m also excited for the new PH9 kitchen and Whiskey bar above Vita Lounge on 9th and N streets. Whiskey seems to be the new trend. I’m excited to try it!

Tucker Gallagher Realtor, Stages Premier

Email: Cell: 202-421-1585


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