Is that bartender a lame pourer? DC’s news

Is that Bartender not pouring a decent cocktail? Are the pint glasses actual pints? In a new DC twist, The DC office of weights and measures hit H Street and verifyied that bartenders were pouring the right amount of booze. I personally have never heard of of this but you learn something every day. Comedy Clubs are listed.

Check out the demolition of the old Ontario Theater in Adams Morgan

Love the heady days of Marion Barry’s 1980s? You can buy the Mansion of the former mayor. Mansion is a generous term but it is 3000 sft finished space. Evidently Marion is upset about the property’s appreciation. He bought it in 1979 for $125k and the neighborhood average now is $401k which is pricing many of Barry’s constituents out of the neighborhood and out of the city.

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