New Supermarket on W and other happenings in the U Street hood

The new W14 building housing the YMCA is fast going up. It looks like things are going well and it should open by the end of the year. More good news, it will house a natural market. Developers are hinting that they have an organic grocer lined up. Right nearby they have put up the sign for the new Piola Pizzeria.

Working our way south on 14th the former art gallery across from Bar Pilar (Wasn’t that a deal as part of Pilar’s expansion?) may be turning into a bar / market for dinner. I guess the idea is to come in for a drink while your food is prepared????

Also on 14th, Le Diplomate will open at the end of March from Philly restauranteur Stephen Starr. He is well known up there for great dining spaces and all the work he has been putting into Le Diplomate will hopefully pay off.


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