Odds & Ends: A quiet spot for a coffee shop…

Beware! Street sweeping has restarted on March 1.

Congrats to the quiet opening of the coffee shop at 12th & S Streets NW. I saw this a few weeks ago but I am glad they are doing well. Hopefully they can team up with the parents of Garrison Elementary to keep increasing their student base. Nearby we can expect an expansion of the H & Pizza Pizzeria at 1250 U Street replacing the Quiznos.

While that is happening, Busboys & Poets wants to become the coffee shop for all of DC. They just announced an expansion to Takoma Park and have also been looking in the Brookland neighborhood.

Also check out this view of the DC area from the International Space station.

One of the more unique problems we have in DC is the dealing of KHAT. It is a hallucinogenic drug popular in the horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea  Sudan, Somalia Djibouti). If taken in the first few hours after harvesting it has a dream like sleepy effect but the potency goes down dramatically as it ages. There was a bust near my house at an Ethiopian bar a few years ago and evidently there was just one up off Georgia Ave.

Councilman Graham has been censured by the City Council and stripped of his oversight of the Alcohol board. What more good news will the year bring for the City Council.

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