Real Estate beat

In what must be one of the hottest stretch of the city, another building has been announced for 14th & W. The north west corner is proposed for 18 condos plus ground floor retail. That building will join 14W across the street which is delivering shortly. The parking lot at 14th & Florida has started construction with 30 units but it is a bigger lot. The three existing buildings, Union Row, Vue 14, and Solara are already there. It won’t be long before that gas station and Fast Gourmet is gone.

Down the street, the Louis may start delivering before the end of the year. Around the corner, there is a 2600 sft condo on the market for $3 million with a roofdeck and amazing view so maybe they are on the right track.

As I have mentioned before, the great parcel 42 at the corner of 7th and Rhode Island is getting closer to development. It is down to 3 developers so we’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Sad news, Dupont monument, The Washington Club, has been put up for sale. The Ladies Club has only 62 members left and cannot afford to keep the $12 million clubhouse going

Also in high end condos, the power plant in Georgetown ended up going for $19.1 million from a group including the Four Seasons residences. The plan calls for 80 units but has a long way to go with approvals……

Of course you could forgo buying a house and just move into an abandoned mansion like this one in Bethesda.


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