U Street Shaw updates and sign the petition

PLEASE sign the petition which will stop the proposed moratorium banning all new bars and restaurants for 5 years.

Leasing at the East End of U Street? There are 2 options floating. The former doctors office at 8th and Florida is up for lease again. The upstairs is supposedly been leased by the Hilton Brothers and there is sporadic construction but now the ground floor is up again. The church at V & 10th Streets is up for lease as well. Not sure if they will build something for you or if you have to do it again but at some point SORG Architects will have to do something with it. Nearby the V Street tower of Pisa has gotten uglier. There is another building for lease on U between 9th and Vermont. I thought it’d be a Tabaq spinoff but looks like they are looking for a new tenant. BREAKING: The District a JBG development originally slated to be condos then converted to rentals now has been sold to JP Morgan and will be opening up a rental office soon.

Restaurants: The Fainting Goat (I am not sure what that name means) is applying for a liquor license at the old Urban Essentials  at 13th & U Street. Congrats to Shaw Tavern for their successful St Pattys day street fair. Hopefully it will become a tradition. Satellite gets its’ Borderstan review. To our east, a new 19 unit development is going in at Florida and 2nd Streets with a restaurant downstairs. The Quiznos at 13th & U will be goping away followed by a new pizza place. Progression Place announced a second restaurant for the 7th street side: Eat the Rich Oyster Bar. Sounds interesting, don’t dress up to go there i guess. There is also a new Mandalay restaurant and condo development at9th & P STreets. Le Diplomat on 14th is getting very close to delivery. It’s running late but hopefully we’ll have it by mid April. And a new cafe at 511 Florida Ave

The scary Gallery Inn at 19th and Florida is closed for renovations. Has anyone ever stayed there?

NPR just moved into a building built for them just 20 years ago and now they are moving on up to North Capitol. The new building is expected to be Gold LEED certified.


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