What if DC extended to the Beltway?

What if we extended the city to the beltway. It would only be about 1.7 Million people which is still smaller than NYC. LA and Chicago but most interestingly, the density would be much lower. there are more suburban type neighborhoods within the beltway which means the population is lower (about 50% of LA’s density).

They are still coming up with great ideas for the McMillian Site by the Washington Hospital Center. I just can’t wait for them to start!

What happens to closed schools? Since I face one closing next year I am concerned. I can only hope that the city holds on to it and hopefully re-purposes it. According to the article, that has been a successful route for the city. I hope that is what they choose to do with Shaw Garnett-Patterson.

Though it does gall me, I must give Marian Barry credit when he deserves it. He went to Annapolis last week to lobby the MD Black Caucus to pass a bag tax. I criticize enough so I must compliment when I can. Good job Marian!


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