My musings

Busy week but here is what I think is the most important news for U Street:

All three ANCs in the U Street area voted against the liquor moratorium

Remember that crazy gas station next to the Watergate that sold gas for $6 per gallon at least a doller more than anyone else nearby? Well Valero has taken it over and the gas price is actually reasonable.

This is a lovely F you in my neighborhood. Many thanks to neighbor Drew for pointing out that it looks like the middle finger at the hood.

Finally they started on the streetcar again. Spend 2 years destroying the street then wait 2 years before you actually use it? That’s smart. Also smart? DC having the most expensive beer of any ballpark in the National league.

Follow up to my posting earlier this week, another article about the market that is too hot.  I should note that I think that is only for homes that are completely updated not homes that need work.





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