Summary from PoP

I go through the blogs one at a time that is why it seems that I only have one source but look at it this way – at least you don’t have to go through the afternoon pet shots.

Lots of restaurants going in by the convention center. I am sure in expectation of the new Marriott coming. Thally is on 9th and should open this summer. Looks interesting. Table is open and supposedly good but what about their dumpster. I like the way they hid it. I have not been to A D yet but I didn’t know it was a restaurant. Plus they are getting a new barber shop in the old le slum historique building.

Excited for the brew pub coming in by the Howard right around the corner from the new Wonderbread building which is coming right along. Im exciedt for the new Mediterranean restaurant going in across from Town on 8th Street.

1900 Vermont is in its second phase and looks good. And check out this new building at 7th & Varnum. They did a nice job. Fraziers funeral home has been transformed as well at 4th & Florida.

Sweetgreen, a store I’ve never actually be to despite living behind the owners, is opening in the new W14. Which is near the new Piola Pizzaria. Across the street there will be TexMex at the old AM/PM  but I wonder what will happen to the guys who hang out there. The old Latino Car lot is now broken ground for the new development going in there. Le diplomat on 14th is also poised to open. I saw a soft open last on Friday and the space looks great.

Vinoteca opens its new outdoor deck with hot dogs and bubbly? Two tastes I never foresaw together. If you’re taking a date there, you can buy flowers at a new florists at 16th & U.

Thankfully none of these compare the the new 800 seat Joe’s Seafood going in downtown. Can anyone say Tourist trap for school tours?

Check out the new soccer field (or should I say football?) that UAE and Manchester City of the Premium league is donating to Adams Morgan


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