Some Dumb ideas

This guy at Greater Greater Washington is delusional if he thinks some of these pop ups are worthwhile. And moving the FBI next to Gonzaga Prep? Dumb. Have you read the requirements for a new bomb safe building?

Considering a new job or home? Check out this app for ways to get to work using public transit.

Interesting: Counties that are bigger than whole states. How about unrepresented districts bigger that 3 states with senators.

It seems that people are finally taking my warnings seriously. There is a coming deluge of apartments coming to DC that cannot be good. Just as the announce another building for 14th & Corcoran. And 2800 about to be delivered.

Educate yourself: About historic districts. Where to get legal maraijuana. learn about appraisals and comps, how DC’s low skyline helps our property values.

RE highlights: W14 floor plans, Marions Barry’s old home sells.The Louis at 14th looks massive. and that crazy huge apartment owned by GW sells for near asking. Go figure.


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