I think this is outrageous. How can you allow 37 new apartments in an area 5-7 blocks from the Metro WITHOUT PARKING? I am all for residents without cars. I went carless for 4 years but I think this is just stupid. You cannot expect people in 37 apartments will go without a car OR that local garages would rent to those if the did have a car. There are no local lots for people to put their cars. I think this is a gross invasion by developers.

Case in point: The Scottish Rite Temple on 16th. They should have 100 parking spaces for the number of people who work there but only have 50. To add another 50 would eliminate some of the fantastic outdoor space they share with the neighborhood. They (long standing residents/ buildings) in the neighborhood deserve to have waivers for a conditioned that is grandfathered in anyway. Apartment buildings of 37 units do not deserve to build without parking. It should be one of the costs of building.

An example of how busy the neighborhood is getting, 2 restaurants at 14th & R are getting outdoor seating and Ted’s Bulletin (I don’t understand the name either) at 14th and Swann will open shortly drawing more pissed off people because there is no place to park.

To be a grumpy old man about it: While Teds and the new Bake Shop at 14th and T proclaim themselves to be bakeries, neither sells bread a fact that annoys me.

BTW very excited to see the 15th Street bikeway getting repaved. Potholes were making it a hazard.

Closer to 9th /U Streets the city has authorized a second U Street Farmers market in the old thieves market space on the SE corner of 9th & U. Something called Riddim is coming to U Between 10/11 which will give the yogurt place a run for the money.


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