Harris Teeter on Florida Ave

For those FB friends of mine you see I’ve been adding more to that than this blog for the past six weeks. It’s mostly due to to the fact that I have been traveling the world and not around the hood to comment on happenings.

While I am still away, there is one issue that seems to be reaching me even here. The failed JBG bid for DC’s 900 block Florida Avenue parcel.

The bids looked pretty even to me. The biggest difference was the Harris Teeter supermarket included in the JBG deal. That was a huge draw for residents like me because of our extreme lack of a supermarket. BUT the JBG offer included an incredibly dense living structure – over 100 mini living spaces in addition to regular sized condos and rentals.

Now many people were upset that JBG lost. I agree it is a shame and have signed the petition to have it reviewed. But (yes another but) I have heard from a friend that the bid was substandard. If so, that would explain it. JBG practically owns the neighborhood with the 2 buildings on V Street and the 2 buildings south of Florida. They probably thought that their bid would be accepted just because they brought the other piece of property (south of W) to the bid. If so this is disappointing and we the residents should be treated with more respect since they will be tearing up our neighborhood for the next 4 years.