Restaurant Craziness

OK I know I’ve been away for most of the summer but how many restaurants can open up in 3 months. It seems like there is at least one new restaurant on every block. Walking up 14th I was amazed by the number of new businesses that have gone in. I need to make a list and post it here so that I’ll know what to try. Stay tuned.


Booming U Street

Sorry I have not posted more this summer but I’ve been a traveling nomad all summer so I’m not up on the local gossip.

The big news is the rapid population of 14th Street with restaurants. It seems as though about 6 have opened since the beginning of the summer. Once again I am grateful for the development but I worry about parking. Everyone says they do not want to be the next Adams Morgan but there are no new spaces opening up for all the people coming to eat. Sure ome will take Metro but not all. All this means is it will be harder for us to find parking even with the resident sides of the street and DC government will make millions more in fines.