We have our Store Design!

Exciting news. We finally have images for our store! Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think?G&G lkng NW 4G&G side facing South 3G&G entry to back 2G&G Entry 1G&G side facing South 3G&G entry to back 2


In the other Washington – Whiskey!

This weekend, thanks to the hostessing skills of Sarah Booth, I explored Washington, VA. The town was named BY George Washington when he was a young land surveyor in the 1750s instead of being named after him after his revolutionary fame. It was a very cute little town that the Inn at Little Washington has put on the map.

While there we check out 2 of the local liquor makers. Copper Fox Distillery which makes Wasmund’s Whiskey and Washington Vinyards which I will talk about next time.

The Copper Fox was really cool. They showed us how they soak, dry on the floor and then slow cook the malt. Then how they distill the malt down to a high proof clear liquor which is put in barrels for aging and coloration to that light brown hue.

Fun note which I plan on selling in my new shop, they sell the clear liquor and a barrel so you can age it yourself. I started it last night and promise a post on that process.

CopFox Angel Share CopFox Barrels CopFox Distiller 2 CopFox Distiller 4 CopFox Distillery tanks CopFox Malt cooker CopFox Malt drying CopFox Malt seeds

Great Day at the Green Hat

I want to thank John Uselton for being such a great host today at the Green Hat Distillery. John, his father in law and their wives started Green Hat in 2011 as an homage to one of the best bootleggers on Capitol Hill during prohibition.

Today Green Hat is one of the best tasting gins on the market. I am not normally a gin drinker but as John explained to me, traditional gins have been too uniform and junipery. Green Hat’s distinct distillation process uses spices to bring out special flavors for Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter in addition to their traditional blend.

I highly recommend giving them a try. Especially since Bartender Lyn of 1905 spent most of our visit dreaming new concoctions that she can make with their delicious Gin. Come to Gallagher & Graham in October to buy it for yourself! Vote for our petition.

Green Hat 1 Green Hat 2

Placards up at 1939 12th Street

Great News! Gallagher & Graham has been given their placards!

For those unfamiliar with the byzantine legislation around alcohol sales in the District, any new business looking to sell alcohol must put up placards in the window for 60 days to allow for neighborhood comment. We have taken that first step. We look forward to serving our neighbors on U Street by October.

1939 12th Placard 2 1939 12th Placard 1