How to make your own Whiskey…….




OK I’ve told a few of you about this over the past few weeks. It was definitely the most fun I had with my research. Copper Fox Distillery sells these packages to make your own Whiskey. The package comes with a barrel and two (I bought an extra) bottles of spirit. Spirit is a the raw clear distilled product straight out of the mill. The liquid gets it’s brownish tint from the aging process in the Barrel.

Upon opening the package you need to fill the barrel with water for 7 days in order to hydrate the wood. The Barrel is a smaller version of what they use at the mill. It is made of oak (I think) with the inside slightly charcoaled to add flavor. After a week, the barrel will swell so insert the cork with care in order to get it out again (a problem I had).

Once the water is out, you pour approximately 2.5 bottles of the spirit into the barrels. I kept the final half bottle of spirit as a control against what the spirit will taste like when coming out of the barrel. Keep the empty bottles so that you have someplace to pour the Whiskey once you have aged it to your preference.  Insert the cork in the bunghole of the barrel and set it aside for 4-6 months. My barrel is currently sitting to one side of my counter. I am planning on opening it for my birthday in February.

One note, when you open the barrel, the amount of whiskey generated will be about 75% of the amount of spirit you put in. The missing is called the “Angel Share” that which the angels drink or actually the water that is evaporated. Once it comes out, you can water down the mix to a blend you prefer. I will let you know how it all goes.

Needless to say Gallagher & Graham will be selling the kits when we open so you’ll be able to try it yourself in November! Check out the pictures below.


Barrel box 2 Barrel box Spirit labelBarrel Kit

Barrel on counter
Distilled spirit Pouring in Barrel 2 Pouring in Barrel Barrel in Sink


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